love lives here too.

i painted the color black over a sign that once said “bless this nest.”  seriously, doesn’t God’s blessing envelope everyone?  or only those nests that beckon blessings on a gray slate, with a price tag $14.99?  thank goodness that we keep evolving in wisdom, people.

new sign now says:  bring good energy… i mounted our mantra by the front door.     noah said – “you forgot something, momma”….. i looked over the sign, and there was no room to add another letter….  “you know like our family code,” he said excitedly.  wow, i didn’t know we had a family code.  he took out his notebook that was shaped like a christmas tree, and drew a heart with two strokes, with the left side uneven from the right.

aw,  a smile adorn my worn face as it reminded me.   love lives here.

it can sometimes hide in the 4 loads of wash, dirty dog that dug up a bird fossil,  seasonal mix of clothes that exploded in closets, floor with identifiable feet tracks, mountains of single socks or a pile of stuffed animals waiting to be stitched up from the same dirty dog that dug up a bird fossil.

love can easily be found again… as noah’s puts it… “in the middle of me and you,” (as he tries to smash the invisible “middle” holding me in a tight hug)

As we are, blest.

We love, because He first loved us.  John 4:19.