Get Ready for the Next Play.

2013-04-20 18.02.04“Get Ready for the Next Play.”  One of our famous lines.  It was first yelled to keep T-ball players alert to fly balls and line drives.  The motive at the time was safety – since their attention seem as fleeting as the floating clouds.

We now use this line to keep our son out of the attic of his mind, where he sits in a recliner watching a film clip that is caught in a repetitive loop of the last play where he didn’t make the catch.   While in the attic, his body takes a robotic stand of planting his slightly bent legs in the Tennessee clay, with each hand cupped to the knee as his trendy flat-cap is tilted to the ground.

Last night, I yell… “Get Ready for the Next Play…it’s coming” with the hope that somehow my words snap him back to the potential play that may be his at second.

A  Hit.

The force of his spirit stretches his right-handed glove wide across the diamond line from first to second base with the rest of his 98-pound body to follow.  He stops the ground ball in its tracks and throws the player out at first.   He smiles.  My heart jumps for joy.

Addison’s resilience last night to get back to the play before him, inspired me.  Many times I stay in the attic of my mind, looping back a memory of where I perceive myself as not enough.    Not enough kind.  Not enough patient.  Not enough loving.  Not enough talent.  Not enough Mom.

But the next play is coming and if I’m fully present for it and I’m not beating myself up over something- God will give me all that the moment needs.

And it’s always enough.

More clear.     You Are Enough.