What in the Earth?


What in the Earth beckons me outside?

it’s watching each lime colored tree change its dress

to deeper shades of blades of green grass

as the earth tilts its body to dance with a sun that makes each day longer

into a night that’s lit with tails of fire flies and twinkling sky wishes.

it’s the layers of pedals that hold a bud tight against its barred doors

and waits ever so patiently in the promise of life that offers ingress to freedom

to wallow in the warmth of the sun

as the honey makers drink of its nectar and deliver life at each stop.

it’s the chi-chuwee sound of lemon colored finch

as it gets into a frenzy clinging onto a seed sock

taking flight in an undulating pattern

surfing the sound waves of its twitters and warbles

that ebb and flow with each distance of a wing.

it’s the voice to remove me from all fabrications

so that I feel the plush parts of earth’s terrain

mold the soles of my bare feet in its organic carpet,

gently reminding me that I’m connected to all that she harvest.