Bell rings the Arena with miracles

robbellNew York Times Best Selling Author, Rob Bell, took to the stage at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta – as part of Oprah’s The-Life-You -Want weekend tour.  He appeared in denim blue standing tall in front of a sea of star-dust that was projected on a screen as he spoke of the size of the universe’s scale.  Light years away from my mind ever absorbing its vastness,  he explained how our planet races through space at 67,000 mph, rotating at 1000 mph, while our tiny human spark of life stays lit.   The sun, a blazing ball of fire, burns 93 million miles away which is the precise distance needed to warm our buns and nudge nature to be bountiful.  A million miles closer or further, life would be no more.  The earth’s body is tilted to dance with the sun to the mixed melody of  days that are longer or shorter, warmer or colder, while gravity pulls down heels, allowing one the freedom of a spontaneous tap.  If the earth was not tilted at an angle of 23.5°, then life would be no more.  This gravity comes  40% from the sun and 60% from the moon, the perfect combination to keep the tides tethered to the ocean floor, and bare feet gently grounded on grounds of clay or blades of green.  Any more or less gravity, life would be no more.  Earth consists of 21% of oxygen  so life can breathe from a bottomless well of being.  If there was less oxygen, life would be no more.

Our blue and green marble of magnificent was precisely tuned for a life that always sits in the center of the earth.  Not just any life in the middle -the Divine dreamt your spirit into existence for a unique purpose.  The universe patiently waited for you to be born, so it could infuse you with its first gift, and place it on your blessed lips.  Air.  And you breathed in life and received this generous gift from a universe that remains loose with its love.

It’s all a gift.

It’s all a miracle.

What if every moment you could live AWAKE, and live in gratitude for all the breaths that roll in and out with the beaches tide.  Floating in the mystery of the miracle of you and daring to explore the depth of the sea.  Where 90% remains unexplored.  Becoming the captain of your soul.

A shout of thank you to the Divine, the Alpha, the Almighty, God who generously gives all that is needed for a spiritual life,  offering the intangible holy so that you can set the earth on fire.  As earth travels 67,000 mph, rotates 1000 mph and tilts at an angle of 23.5.

For without a  spiritual life, life would be no more.