Let Your Music Play

I’m not talking about the music sold on Itunes.   I’m talking about each of us having a musical piece that is so unique and magnificent in us that American Idol would beg us to go to Hollywood.  When we create this music, it brings a spring to our step, a warmth in our heart and a smile that’s hard to hide.  We find our gifts being duetted with a need where we are not the superstars, accolades are not needed and each note is inspired by God.   

It’s a challenge for me to make music in a world that not only competes for my attention, it ultimately wants to write my song.    It’s wants me to echo the beat of  its drum and live a life where my value is defined on what I own versus who God intended me to be.

I know that this sounds all serious, especially coming from me – but, really, does anyone want to die with their music still inside of them?  And how do we teach our children to guard their authentic tune?

I’m finding that you need to go back to the basics.  When you were young and untouched by the world, you had a great musical ear to start writing your song.  You were close to your element.   So what was “your thing” where time was endless.  Was it an instrument, sports, art, academic or nature?  How did it make you feel?   Are you doing “your thing” full time or do you have to find a pocket of time to do it?    Or have you simply drowned out your song with all the world’s noise?  I hope not. But if you have, like me taking time off from tuning in, make this the day to get back into your grove.  Remember your element, and put it to good use.  Let your music play.

Listen to your children with a big ear to hear their authentic tune.  I’ve written a long letter to my boys to give witness of  “their thing”.  Things that they do well without effort and how it brings pure joy.  This may help them in their teenage years when they are struggling with their identity and what career to pursue.  Ironically, they’ll search later in life on what to become; but, I will smile knowing that these elementary years are when they allowed themselves to just “be” in authentic tune.

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  1. Chuck says:

    awesome Susan. I really like the idea that they write something now without fully understanding the value that it will have later.. that is what will make it authentic! you are a great mom!

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