In December 2014, I created 62 ornaments for a candlelight event for the SHARING organization that serves the bereaved families in our community.   After the event, my curiosity with wood carving didn’t end…. I couldn’t turn off the flow of creative ideas that pour forth.  I began to to couple my  -poems/quotes/love and carve them into reclaimed wood.  It was then that Sonshine Art was born.  In January of 2015 my etsy store opened and then a few more doors…..

Sonshine has created over 100 art pieces  and have worked with over 10 charities/schools to raise funds for amazing causes in addition to giving monthly to  I’m still in awe and humbled that our creations  decorate your walls.

Here are some of the thank-you’s that we received:

“Susan and SonShine created the most beautiful wooden pieces of our beloved Dudley and Henry for the annual Gentle Barn Thanksgiving Event this past year. They gorgeously conveyed the essence of their personalities in a rustic and unique way. We are so grateful for having these pieces to showcase and would be honored to do so again for our next event. The crowd absolutely loved them! “  

~Lisa Page,  The Gentle Barn

“Sonshine so generously donated a beautiful piece of original artwork for our auction this past fall. The art work was very popular and was helpful in raising money toward our auction goals. We loved how the artwork represented our community and you can see in the picture the joy in the bidder that won.
Thanks Susan for your talent and heart to help others and the PKU community.”
Heather Bomar- co-chair, Lifting the Limits for PKU,           Nashville Gala –

“Susan is extremely talented and each of her wood carvings are unique and amazing! She created a wood carving in honor of a documentary premiere we had for our foundation to honor our son, It was even more special then I could have imagined! I know that thoughtfulness, love, and passion is poured into each art piece Susan creates. The artwork now hangs in our son’s room and we will cherish it forever!” ~ Ellen Hollis.

If you would like to request a SONSHINE art piece to use as a fundraiser, please email me at:

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